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Technical support 2012/05/29
Technical support

My company digestion and absorption of foreign advanced vibration isolation elements design and manufacture, installation commissioning technology also has carried on the thorough system research, collection of foreign relevant technical data, and pay close attention to the international development trends. As in many engineering applications, has accumulated rich experience, the experience for guiding future projects played a decisive role. According to the domestic situation, our company has developed a vibration isolator springs and viscous dampers manufactured enterprise standard, product line plans, production, processing, testing standard. Our company developed a set of suitable for the national conditions of our country and the calculation method of design, selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, installation, inspection and maintenance and a series of technical documents, with these technical documents as a guiding document, produced thousands of spring vibration isolation and viscous dampers, has been applied to the engineering, and the typical engineering experiment. Proved by practice, my company manufactured vibration isolation components are safe and reliable. My company 's main technical staff have attended the auspices" power plant of power machine basis of spring damping technology research" project research work. In the digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad on the basis of dynamic machine, spring vibration isolation technology for an in-depth study, research and development of the vibration isolator springs and viscous dampers, and starting in 1992in thermal power plant based on the use of auxiliary machine, has been put into operation the unit operation shows that, the spring vibration isolation foundation isolation vibration isolation effect is very good, by domestic experts praise.

The purpose of my company's development, extensively absorb those who have knowledge of the wisdom of gold, use of flexible mechanism, to the vast number of engaged in the design of dynamic machine foundation and research experts to create a stage, the wisdom of experts and can be truly reflected, for our country electric power industry development and make positive contributions.

My company and many design units have close cooperation, is my company's engineering and technical personnel have a solid theoretical foundation, has a wealth of engineering experience, strict work style, a good reputation, more important is our company has excellent high-tech products, and has very high visibility.

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