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Have experience in Hangzhou underground transport 2012/05/29

2010年12月15日 22:04:02 浙江在线新闻网站


Zhejiang online Hangzhou December 15th dispatch ( reporter Bao Yong Chen Jingjing correspondent ) since October 18th1 Hangzhou subway numbers lines began laying since, at present, nine and road station ~ Kowloon station to passenger transport central station2 interval have finished laying, about 1 km.

At present, the Hangzhou subway is made in Nanjing, expected in June next year, the first locomotive to be transported to Hangzhou. However, this reporter today sits on a rail car, have to experience the future of Hangzhou Metro.

Seven Fort station to the east to spring to achieve orbit

From Joe Sinan track-laying base into the subway, boarded the rail car to downtown direction, excitement, joy fill reporter mind, every few meters, the track was" bang" blare, let a reporter really uncomfortable.


Hangzhou Metro Group Deputy General Manager Zhu Chunlei said, at present, each section of track between the gap, such as track laying work completed, will be the middle gap welding, then, this shrill voice will disappear. In Zhu Chunlei eye, orbit is the subway key, directly affect the future of the Hangzhou Metro comfort and safety. Zhu Chunlei hit an example to say," like the highway, if uneven ground, high-speed car must be very dangerous, so, track laying work is very important."

Reportedly, the Metro Line 1 track-laying project is divided into two sections, one is the Xianghu train east station to main and auxiliary line, two is the train east station to LinPing Railway Station and the train east station to Xiasha Higher Education Park West Main and auxiliary lines, mainly using" track track skeleton frame rails method" and" loose laying rail" two kinds of construction technology.


" Track skeleton frame rails method" is the rail, sleeper, fastener in the track-laying base assembly by the track laying crane rail, the arranger hammock in place, direction, level, adjusting the track gauge, ultra high, so that the track geometry size reaches the design standard, track bed concrete pouring.

" Loose laying rails method" is applied directly to the rail, sleeper, fasteners and other hoisting and transported to the job site, with artificial small tools are distributed, frame rail, adjusting the track direction, level gauge, super, higher, so that the track geometry size reaches the design standard, placing ballast concrete.

" Joe Sinan track-laying base construction in ' track track skeleton frame ' mainly at the same time by using two kinds of construction technology, a daily average of about 75meters of laying." Zhu Chunlei said, and strive to before the spring festival seven Fort station to the east station 7stations 6 interval to achieve orbit.

The 1km,1 minutes by subway the ground for 5 minutes

Track laying vehicle move on, there are no traffic lights to road way unimpeded, the walls on both sides of the soft light, to extend the distance of tunnel added a touch of mystery, inadvertently, the reporter found that mobile phone has no signal, if the accident how to do?

" The subway opened, there will be the signal." Wang Weisong seems to see the reporter concerns, he said with a smile, not only such, the subway between any two stations have to escape with the safety door, once produce an accident, can from the security gate fleeing the scene of an accident.

Not a little while, rail car to the construction of passenger transportation center station. " Here is the Metro Line 1Y type intersection point, is also the transfer center." Wang Weisong pointed at both sides of the station, where a total of four tracks, two tracks are to the outside, center the two track is to Linping.


The finish on both sides, and Wang Weisong point to the ceiling," Metro is three floors below ground, it is two floors underground, for ticketing, underground floor is a large parking lot, exit is in passenger transportation center station on the south side of subway upper cover, the above property."

As for track-laying vehicles parked, reporters see time, from Joe Sinan track-laying base to passenger transport central station1kilometers in length, spent 6minutes.

" Laying vehicle is mainly used for transporting track, each hour 15 kilometers, and the subway at a speed of80km / hour, just 1kilometers, only 1- 2minutes." Wang Weisong says.

If the 1km walk path to ground, but also to need number time? Wang Weisong said, in the case of no traffic jams in 5- 10minutes.

The track uses the advanced isolation technique

Smooth operator underground transportation, is exciting, can be a problem up to in the press head, Metro in speed over time, will not be on the ground vibration and noise?

Especially as the Metro Center Station, which is not only nine fortress passenger transport central station, and across the road is Sijiqing, traffic, traffic is quite big, will affect on the ground?

Wang Weisong said, Hangzhou Metro Line 1also uses advanced track vibration isolation technique, called a steel spring floating slab track bed. It is currently the industry recognized the good vibration isolation effect, safety and reliability technology.

" Track if from residential areas, concert hall, theatre, hotel beneath or nearby through, this technology can reduce and reduce vehicle and rail friction induced vibration and noise." Wang Weisong says at least ten dB, noise can be reduced, the ground do not feel the slightest vibration.

So magical device, the reporter wanted to explore. Wang Weisong smiled and said, this device is invisible, buried in the two tracks in the middle, as in subway passenger station of center of this section of the road, each 1.2 meters will be fitted with a pair of isolator, each about one.

Although not see isolator, Wang Weisong or hand gestures, isolator is of a diameter of 300 mm cylinder can float up and down, when a vehicle passes, isolator has played a buffer effect, reduce the friction between the vehicle and track, vibration, so that the vibration isolation and noise reduction the role of.

Steel spring floating slab track bed in recent years in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing city subway construction has been widely used in Metro Hangzhou, applied for the first time.

" Hangzhou subway line No. 1steel spring floating slab are mainly distributed in the center station, the seven Station Fort, vibration and noise reduction for high area, total length of 4.597 km." Wang Weisong says.

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At present, Hangzhou Metro Line 1,31 stations were already start working construction, wherein the Fengqi Road station, LinPing Railway Station24station has been successfully completed the construction of the main structure. Shield engineering for 35tunnel safely, and13shield is advancing, has a total of53 km of shield tunneling, accounting for the total mileage of 70 km75.7%. 32interval contact channel, has 12security Unicom, otherwise 7channel under construction.

Metro Line 2, the southeast section of13 stations currently have started construction, which builds a road station, construction of three stations and the 12station has entered the enclosure structure or the main excavation stage. In addition, line network planning optimization work is steadily; property of subway upper cover is entering the land transfer, project implementation phase; production safety situation is generally stable, controllable.

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